Tri-Cornered Tent Show: Improvisation on the Mythos of Eric Zann


Play a 4 minute segment; Mythos of Eric Zann


This is part two of the CD trilogy dedicated to the short story by H.P. Lovecraft “The Lost Music of Eric Zann”. “In any musical performance situation it is best to be pleasant and convivial. But as in all manner of business the work has to demand your utmost attention.
In Eric Zann’s case there wasn’t a lot of time to be cordial as his music was literally designed to hold back the forces of complete chaos. This real or imagined cosmic responsibility has been debated openly and in most cases disputed and ridiculed excessively.” -Tri-Cornered Tent Show

Phillip Everett – drums and perc. midi mallet-synth, xylorimba,vibraphone , auto harp
Ray Schaeffer – electric frettless basses
John Glick – piano and keyboards



“…the players…certainly possessing talent…one
has the impression of preparing for a journey.”
– Jason Bivins, Cadence


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