Beneath The Mountains of Madness


1. The Halls of Ancient Kadath
Tri-Cornered Tent Show  


2. The Plains of Leng
Tri-Cornered Tent Show  


3. Waltz of the Shogoths
Tri-Cornered Tent Show  

This is part three of the CD trilogy dedicated to the short story by H.P. Lovecraft “The Lost Music of Eric Zann”. This work was recorded in the last part of part of the the 20th century from 1999-2001. Not only does it draw from the original concept put forth by Lovecraft but also draws upon the Cthulhu mythos prevalent throughout his writings.


Download one minute MP3 versions:

Waltz of the Shogoths

The Halls of Ancient Kadath

The Plains of Leng



“If you’re into jazz/noise/improv/tweaker-ism, you’ll
want to check out this excellent release”
– Max Level, KFJC FM

“‘Waltz of the Shogoths’ is particularly good – almost
like a Nancarrow player piano piece met up with early
Cecil Taylor on the way to a blues jam”
-Jasons Bivins, Cadence

“BENEATH THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS: KFJC radio On-Line Reviews What KFJC has added to their library and why… Tri-Cornered Tent Show – “Beneath the Mountains.. ” – [Edgetone Records] Three slabs (14-18 minutes each) of instrumental mayhem from local trio. The tracks are wild rides indeed? imagine an outside-jazz piano/bass/drums trio living right next door to an electronic freak-out factory. Interesting textures. Meditations. Bull in a china shop. Solos that just blow the roof off. All three musicians have amazing chops and no shortage of ideas. Edgetone’s blurb refers to this as improv, but there are sections that sound as though the musicians knew exactly what they were going to do when they got there. One track even has a composer credit. If you’re into jazz/noise/improv/tweaker-ism, you’ll want to check out this excellent release. “

– Max Level, KFJC On-Line Reviews (Jan 25, 2006)


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