A captivating journey of psychedelic, electric blues, improvisational free jazz, and noise that features female vocals, electric auto harp, analog synths, effects, and a driving rhythm section, all fueled by a Dali-esque Cabaret sensibility. Tri-Cornered Tent Show is a carnival of madness, a freak show phantasmagoria, a circus of controlled chaos, and an electro-acoustic alien funhouse.

“This is grade A bona-fide avant-garde with a cap’tal A . . . 4 Stars.”

–  Steve Mecca for Chain D.L.K

TRI-CORNERED TENT SHOW – Live! Club Shows Compilation

“The overall effect is supreme weirdness and eerie coolness, much as you would expect from a tent show.”

– Humana for KFJC Radio

TRI-CORNERED TENT SHOW – Live! Gallery Shows Compilation

“We are talking here of a bunch of experienced musicians. . . They present an unusual blend of blues-rooted psychedelica and avant garde.  .  .”

– DM for Vital Weekly

“Angels’ Days Demon’s Nights” at The Stork Club in Oakland, CA

“Her Kiss Before Dying” at The Stork Club in Oakland, CA

“Who Killed Desiree Brown”, 50 Mason Social House, San Francisco