The Foolkiller

THE FOOLKILLER Post-apocalyptic poetry, music and song portraying rage, revenge, and redemption. Transcending the acts of murder madness and mayhem commonly defined as war religion and politics. Sporting an extended ensemble of some of the finest improvisers from the San Francisco Bay Area, The Foolkiller spreads its shadow across a wide array of style and sound creating one this year’s most innovative operatic improvisational theme pieces. A must have for those who like to collect abstract and obscure reference music.


“FOOLKILLER: One thing is demonstrating against obtuse foreign policy by gathering in the streets and ranting hollow slogans; much better is moving the blade of repressed rage into the already painful wound of indifference via unconventional means. “The foolkiller” is an effort by a 14-piece group of improvisers from the San Francisco Bay Area, If you’re looking for some kind of “style” – wrong way. The ear-shocking abstractions of this multi-talented horde of pretty nervous, commonplace-attacking outsiders will have you sitting quite uncomfortably on the burning coil of hallucinated “poems” where the vocalists deliver serious punches to the stomach pit, sounding politely desperate and dramatically ironic during their elegant nightmares drenched in metaphysical instrumental hopelessness.”

– MASSIMO RICCI , (Jul 01, 2006)

Bob Marsh, cello and Vocals

Bob Marsh, cello and Vocals

Dina Emerson, Vocals on Foolkiller

Dina Emerson, Vocals

Jessie Qautro, Vocals on Foolkiller

Jessie Qautro, Vocals

Philip, Ray, Andre, Rent Romus Sax, Dina Emerson



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