Hardly Strictly Personal, a celebration of post Beefhart art

The Instrumental version of TCTS will be exploring their version of Noise/blues/surf/rock/funk/ free improv/Italian horror movie, Saturday 1/17/15 @ 7 PM.

NextNow presents a festival to benefit the good works of Earthjustice and the Coalition On Homelessness.

Hardly Strictly Personal is a celebration of Post-Beefheart Art –

25 projects/86 musicians from the new music community come together over two days to celebrate creative art and the inspiration of Don Van Vliet (AKA Captain Beefheart) and to give back to the larger community..

Friday Jan 16th from 7pm ’til 11pm and Saturday Jan 17th from 1pm ’til 11pm Berkeley will see a broad range of inspired and inspiring performances.

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