NextNow Festival – All Tomorrows’ After-Parties – Homeless Action Center benefit

Tri-Cornered Tent Show will be doing a set at 7 pm. With special guest Joshua Allen on Tenor Sax.

Regrettably Valentina O. is unable to perform with us this time but will be at upcoming shows.

NextNow presents: A day of performances Noon until 11PM at the Berkeley Arts Festival Space – Live music in support of the Homeless Action Center continuing their great work. New music community gives to the greater community (complete artist/performance list below):

time  duration  project
Noon  (30) Ze Bib (Robert Lopez, Shanna Sordahl)
12:30  (30) Lisa Sanghita Moscow (solo Sarod, Vocals)
1:00  (30) Ethel Dare (Sung Kim, Brian Pedersen, Randylee Sutherland)
1:30  (45) Turn It Over (Eli Wallace , Karl Evangelista, Bob LaDue)
2:30  (30) Jim Ryan w/Cartoon Justice
3:00  (45) Looney-Mezzacappa-Robinson Trio (Scott Looney, Lisa Mezzacappa,
Donald Robinson)
4:00  (45) Emily Hay & Friends (Emily Hay, TBD)
5:00  (30) Cloud Shepherd (Andrew Joron, Joe Noble, Brian Lucas, Mark Pino)
5:30  (30) Bill Wolter (solo Guitar)
6:00  (30) Bridge of Crows (Greg Baker, Kersti Abrams, Mika Pontecorvo,
Mariko Miyakawa, Elijah Pontecorvo)
6:30  (30) Ear Spray (Carlos Jennings, Ann O’Rourke, Mark Pino)
7:00  (45) Tri-Cornered Tent Show w/Joshua Allen (Philip Everrett, Ray
Schaeffer, Anthony Flores, w/ guest Joshua Allen)
8:00  (30) Earth Blind (Nick Obando, Michael Dale, Aaron Levin)
8:30  (45) The Ruminations (Bob Marsh, Chistina Stanely, Markus Hunt, Mark
Pino, Rent Romus)
9:30  (30) Greenlief Grimes Duo (Henry Grimes, Phillip Green Lief)
10:00  (45) Architect/Enchantress (Mark Clifford,  Nava Dunkelman, Aaron
Oppenheim, Jacob Pek, Tim Kim, Rent Romus, Joshua Marshall)

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