Stork Club, Oakland Friday 8/11/17

Stork club 08-11-17 poster 11x17


Beneath the mountains of madness!

Tri-Cornered Tent Show is joined by other great bands at the Stork Club for a night of eclectic improv and soul satisfying grooves.

Tri-Cornered Tent Show:

A captivating journey of psychedelic, electric blues, improvisational free jazz, and noise that features female vocals, electric auto harp, analog synths, effects, and a driving rhythm section, all fueled by a Dali-esque Cabaret sensibility. A carnival of madness, a freak show phantasmagoria, a circus of controlled chaos, and an electro-acoustic alien funhouse.

Neutral SpiritsNeutral Sprits:

Exciting and creative grooves will be coming your way by the Sacramento Trio known as Neutral Spirits. These cats have a soulful take on funk and jazz rhythms. Years of gigging in dance and reggae bands keep the music lively and moving forward. Tony Passarell (sax & keys) William Jones (bass) and Todd Temby (drums) keep the sounds modern and fresh.


PlanetStoriesLab54-03David Slusser’s Lost Planet:

Multi-instrumentalist and composer David Slusser brings spontaneous group composition across many idioms and sound forms by longstanding group.







Admission $5.00, 21+ only

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