Stork Club Oakland, March 24 2017

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Tri-Cornered Tent Show is joined by 3 other great bands for a night of eclectic and soul bending sounds.

9 pm door / 9:30pm show. $5.00 / 21+Tri-Cornered Tent Show: A captivating journey of psychedelic, electric blues, improvisational free jazz, and noise that features female vocals, electric auto harp, analog synths, effects, and a driving rhythm section, all fueled by a Dali-esque Cabaret sensibility. A carnival of madness, a freak show phantasmagoria, a circus of controlled chaos, and an electro-acoustic alien funhouse.


plays instrumental rock involving improvisation and written material. Creating a landscape of visual dynamic Instrumental music ranging from the beautiful to manic with the strength of Bruce Lee and the magic of a unicorn.
They just released their new CD, The Walcott Sessions

Pachuco Cadaver

is dedicated to paying tribute to the musical genius of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. Creating new arrangements and instrumentation is a way to introduce the Magic Band and Captain Beefheart to a new generation of live music fans who may not ever have heard of them.

David Slusser’s Lost Planet

Multi-instrumentalist and composer David Slusser brings spontaneous group composition across many idioms and sound forms by longstanding group.

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